HAPPY 2014……

Hello Lovely Peeps,

Happy New Year to everyone. Hope you all enjoyed the celebrations. I am so sorry i went a bit AWOL!!

Life happened…

I promise i will be more faithful this year.

And to kick things off here is one my fave quotes…

Ciao Bellas xoxo


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People Actually Like Us – The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you so much for the nomination

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So this is actually news to us.

As much as we hate on, complain about, b*tch about certain people/places/things/events and such (which includes, but is not limited to Miley CyrusMan of Steel, Iron Man 3BatfleckFifty Shades of Grey and etc), we have managed to be remotely endearing to someone and as a result, have been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award.

Anyways, we want to especially thank D. Parker of Yadadarcyyada for this nomination. We totally weren’t expecting it and we thank you so much. We also thank you for your constant likes, which encourage us to keep posting, even when it’s hard on certain days.

To everyone else, please check out D. Parker’s blog, Yadadarcyyada (and follow it too!). There’s so much great content on there; so you shall not be disappointed.

Moving on, there are apparently a couple of stipulations/rules when…

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How To Empower The Girl Child – International Day Of The Girl Child

Adolescent girl reading

When we think that more than 60 million girls worldwide are not in school, 20 million in Africa undergo female genital mutilation and 80 percent of girls in rural Africa don’t have access to education, we realize the problems of the current approach to development. Existing efforts largely emanate from the top, with little impact at the grass-roots level. I get a sense that the more we design, the more we betray people, particularly women and girls. Is it not time to unleash their potential and see what they can do for themselves?

Self-empowerment is what made me pursue education at a top girls’ school in Zimbabwe. I use the same approach now to bring girls into good schools. The solutions I seek for girls’ empowerment and education are all based on first-hand experience, which many development and donor agencies have ignored. Quite a number of development organizations base their strategies on theories, using logical frameworks and other development jargon. I offer a simplified approach. I have replicated a girls’ empowerment model in six African countries, and this model is focused on building clubs in schools that give girls a platform to acquire life survival skills. It involves training female teachers to impart such skills to girls. For a decade, this program has kept more than 300,000 Zimbabwean girls in school.

We’ve also established “empowerment villages” for girls who suffered from sexual, physical and emotional abuse. Between 1998 and 2008, the Girls’ Empowerment Villages provided more than 70,000 girls with shelter, school fees and medical support as well as assistance to obtain justice from courts. We saw societies transformed, and they started valuing girls and according them with rights. In Zimbabwe, some of the girls broke away from the vicious cycles of poverty and violence which almost cost them their lives. And all of this at a cost of $3 million for more than a decade, or $200 per year to educate an underprivileged girl in Africa. That’s a very small fraction of the billions of dollars donors are churning out.

Except for a few, most young women of today have to fend for themselves to get into universities. Donors are not knocking on their doors and offering to pay for their school fees. As such, we’ve created a fund, small at the moment, which girls can apply for access to carry out a small project or pay for their education. It was a pilot project that has had positive impact, and we are hoping donors will officially recognize and support it. As an organization for girls’ empowerment, we at the Girl Child Network Worldwide have to lead by example. We diversify our funding stream. We have started writing books and making clothes and jewelry, selling them and investing the revenues in impoverished girls so that they can stay in school and eventually lift themselves out of poverty.

We are surviving at a time when global economies face a myriad of challenges. As African women and girls, we must think fast how we can be in control of local resources to develop education and leadership. This is what the Girl Child Network Worldwide is focused on.

Happy International Day Of The Girl Child!

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Beauty Vs Character: Who Gets It Going? Read More………..

Nikky's Love Corner

When it comes to beauty, a lot of ladies have got it but when it comes to the right attitudes, its so scarce. Background matters a lot in an human form of thinking likewise the environment itself.

Beauty can be bought but attitudes and character cannot be. Its something you cultivate. If you allow people dictate how you think, then you will act like they say.

Most ladies sit down to gossip and talk about other people’s flaws and how better they can be and in the process create an idea of how they should behave too. Then its becomes a collective mentality. Either good or bad, they key into it. Most Ladies flow with every trend, only few are neutral. If after discussing with your friends and they feel its right to dress half nude to impress or attract guys,then it becomes the order of the day. Some ladies…

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Lady Gaga’s Debuts New ‘Aura’ Video For ‘Machete Kills’ Movie

Hollywood Life

Lady Gaga is constantly reinventing her image — and we love her glamorous, femme-fatale turn in the new video for ‘Aura,’ her new single from her upcoming album, ARTPOP! What do you think of the video, HollywoodLifers?

Lady Gaga‘s new music video for “Aura,” filmed to promo the Machete Kills movie, in which she stars, is dazzling, glamorous — and dangerous! Watch the video below.

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NETng Most Influential People in Nigeria’s Entertainment Industry List

Tourch Ent...

From Left: Linda Ikeji, Don Jazzy, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, 2face Idibia and King Sunny Ade are five of the most influential men and women in Nigeria’s entertainment industry. Design: Olawale Obi
They are artistes, actors, thinkers, entrepreneurs, and captains of industry. Their ideas spark dialogue and dissent and sometimes even controversies; their works shape lives, habits and societies; their actions have led to some of the decisions that have stirred the industry in its current direction. These remarkable men and women, with lasting and laudable influence, do not necessarily make the most popular people in the industry, but their actions carry a lot of weight; with the hope of the future resting on their shoulders.

2face Idibia: From his artistry to passion for change, the Pop king of Africa has continued to use his music as a muse to influence all. Through his foundation, ‘2face Idibia Reach-Out Foundation

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