Beauty Vs Character: Who Gets It Going? Read More………..

Nikky's Love Corner

When it comes to beauty, a lot of ladies have got it but when it comes to the right attitudes, its so scarce. Background matters a lot in an human form of thinking likewise the environment itself.

Beauty can be bought but attitudes and character cannot be. Its something you cultivate. If you allow people dictate how you think, then you will act like they say.

Most ladies sit down to gossip and talk about other people’s flaws and how better they can be and in the process create an idea of how they should behave too. Then its becomes a collective mentality. Either good or bad, they key into it. Most Ladies flow with every trend, only few are neutral. If after discussing with your friends and they feel its right to dress half nude to impress or attract guys,then it becomes the order of the day. Some ladies…

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