Are You Set For Gambia Fashion Week’s 2nd Installment?

Wow! The Gambia Fashion Week (TGFW) is back for a second installment in November, 2013. Since its debut in February,  the event which is organised by swedish-based Runway Productions International’s Aysha J.C and William Brown has attracted top-notch personalities and will take place in the Greater Banjul Area.

Photo: Bare with us, big news will be revealed soon enough, until then what do you think about this lovely TGFW shoot by Emma Burendahl Chiq&Cliq, taken outside of the Matafs Hair Studios saloon in Koloi!We <3 it!

TGFW platform is set to promote fashion talents from all around the world, with a keen interest in West Africa. It targets smaller and new brands and helps to gain further recognition. The organisers (Runway Productions International) are famous for organising events for brands such as Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Stephen Arthur, Richmond Design and Sara Braave.

Aysha Jones-Ceesay.  a Swedish-based Gambian fashion stylist and PR Guru is the brains behind this project.

She says:

TGFW is a non-profitable organisation which strives for a better tomorrow for fashion entrepreneurs and those working in fields like art, music and entertainment,”


Photo: Help us gain 400 LIKES before the end of this weekend and we will reveal a delicious update about the next TGFW, that will get you smiling...Photo: Oscar Jettman

Expect big and great things from the Smiling Coast Of Africa!

Happy A Great Weekend,


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