Bras ‘R’ Us: 10 Bra Mistakes And How To Fix It! . My search for the perfect bra	   	Recently, I went on a mission. Not a spiritual one. Not a do-gooder one. A mission to find the perfect fitting bra. I heard rumors that one was “out there” somewhere and when I say “out there” I mean at Nordstom. There, I was told, they have trained professionals with tape measures around their necks who knew their AA, B, DD’s.(That’s right, I said AA.) Some of you might be thinking,

Bras can be quite daunting when it comes to getting the right fit or maintaining them. There is nothing quite annoying as having your boobs look like squashed watermelons under your clothes. Here is a list of bra mistakes you might be making and how to fix it.


1. Choosing a bra by cup size.

Start with the numerical band size. “Cup sizes are directly related to a band size,” Cup sizes are not standard, meaning you may be a D with one band size but an E with another size band. A 32D bra is a cup size smaller than a 34D, for example. Letting go of whatever cup size you think you are will allow you to explore and find the best-fitting bra for you. Which leads to…

2. Wearing a bra that’s too small.

Many women’s identities are tied up in their cup sizes, making them resistant to go up a cup size in order to go down a band size. But you may be wearing a 36C when your ribcage measurement is a 32… which would require you to buy a bra that’s a 32E. ” Own that larger cup size — it means your bra will actually fit you better.

3. Fastening your bra on the tightest hooks.

When measuring your band size, you should go according to the outermost set of hooks, not the innermost. “A bra is going to stretch about three inches in its lifetime, that’s when you go to the next set of hooks.” Buy a bra that fits snugly on the last set of hooks, and only later should you need to use the tighter ones.

4. Letting the band ride up on your back.

“The back band should never be higher than the underwire,” . If it does, it doesn’t fit you properly.

5. Insisting on a contour-style bra instead of a softer seamed, lined bra.

Contour bras are the molded ones, the kind that keep their shape even when they’re in your drawer (and that you usually find at Victoria’s Secret). Seamed bras are the soft ones with floppy fabric cups that mold to the shape of your breast. Which one is right for you,  depends on the texture of your boobs. “If your breasts are firm and they sit up high on their own, “then you can get away with the push-up bras and the contour style.” But if, like most women, your breasts are softer and not naturally perky, “they’re going to settle at the bottom of the contour cup and you’ll going to have space at the top of the strap.”

Why does this happen? “A breast is naturally cone-shaped, not round, “so when you wear a contour with its own shape, you’re trying to fit soft tissue into that shape.” That’s when you get spillage or “quadra-boob.” The seams of a seamed bra, on the other hand, function like the support beams of a house, giving structure and shape to the breast. They work with your breasts to mold to them, instead of your breasts having to fit into a pre-determined shape.

6. Thinking you can wear one bra with every type of outfit.

Yeah, you just can’t. Certain dresses are going to require a more perky shape, while some shirts might look better if your breasts sit lower and flatter. Try different bras for each item of clothing you have to ensure you’re pairing your outfit with the best bra possible.

7. Wearing a bra two days in a row.

You may have that one bra you love, but bras shouldn’t be worn two days in a row. “Letting a bra rest at least one day in between wear will help the elastic regain its strength,“When you’re wearing it two days in a row, it’s like pulling on a muscle — it’s going to strain it and it won’t be able to snap back.” One thing that helps keep that elastic fresh? “Washing it in cold water helps it, because the cold water shocks it.” Oh, and while you’re at it…

8. Washing your bras with Detergent.

Detergent is actually terrible for bras: “It was actually designed to soften wool, so you shouldn’t use that on elastic, because you want the elastic to stay firm.” That actually makes a lot of sense?

9. Keeping a bra for too long.

“When worn correctly and taken care of correctly, a bra is going to last you about eight months,” Bobbie broke it to us. “After that, the band is stretched out, so it’s not going to support you anymore.” That’s why you should have six to seven bras in your wardrobe so you can rotate them, making them last longer.

10. Settling for a bra that doesn’t fit.

“Women just accept the fact that bras just aren’t going to fit,”  We get aggravated and tired of bra shopping and simply settle for a a bra that kinda, sorta fits instead of a bra that fits perfectly.

Are there are other mistakes?  Please share your tips on getting the right fit.

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5 thoughts on “Bras ‘R’ Us: 10 Bra Mistakes And How To Fix It!

  1. Hello, and thank you for linking to my blog!

    On the whole, this is a good list, but I do have one important quibble: The instructions on how to measure for a bra will lead to a bad fit because they use the outdated +4 method. The proper way to find your band size is to measure your snug underbust and use the actual number. If you add 4 inches, you will invariably end up with a band that is too big and a cup that is too small. I also don’t recommend measuring the full bust while you are wearing a bra.

    For example, let’s say your underbust measures 31″ and your overbust measures 38″. You should start out with a 30FF and 32F to see which fits you best. The true test is the fitting, not the numbers; the measurements are only a starting point. From there, you can do some basic checks to see if the bra fits: is the gore (center front) flat against your chest? Does the cup cut into the top of your breast, or is there a gap on top? Is the band level all the way around, or does it ride up?

  2. One other note that I forgot to mention: The model at the top is actually wearing a bra that does not fit. You can tell because if you look closely, the bottom of the bra is well below where her breasts meet her ribcage, and the cup is folding over slightly at the base. In order for that bra to fit, she needs to pull it up such that the underwire meets her inframammary fold. That’s where the support comes from. As it is, this bra is just smooshing her breasts, not supporting them.

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