To be a side chic



Couple walking together

How does the story end? What choices will Tomi make? This is your chance to predict the end of To be a Side Chic before it is published. The person that gives the most accurate prediction will receive a complimentary copy of my next short story before it is posted here!! Cheers!!! 🙂

It was supposed to be a very simple trip; take a taxi to the airport, get a ticket, get on the plane, arrive at Lagos in one hour and call her brother once they alight from the plane. Little did she know that things would not be that simple. The day started out quite normally for Tomi. She had packed her bags the previous day, woken up early and arrived at the airport around 6am. Her flight was scheduled for 8 but she wanted to be at the airport on time to avoid the embarrassment she had…

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