Best Quote Ever!#30: Kiki Kamanu,Ella And Gabby

Congrats to Kiki Kamanu , Ella and Gabby. Gaining recognition by fashion bible Vogue(British) is no small feat.

Ella and Gabby is a luxury international fashion brand from Nigeria who focus on the beauty of the female form reflected through their beautiful fabrics and cut. They are one of the leading brands in the African market and you can see why! With collections boasting vivid colours, bold prints and intricate designs they really will provide you with a stand out wardrobe

Designing for every-woman everywhere, this Lagos based American deftly masters the art of imbibing inspiration wherever her flights of fancy lands. Her flowing Balkan Rhapsody Collection sprang from admiring the Roma people. She just returned from Ethopia collecting woven traditional fabrics. From London or Lagos runways to American, African or European media, Kiki Kamanu Designs promise never to fit into the box

And here are my best quotes from these Nigerian-based designers!

Ladies showing a great amount of skin when you dress up isn’t the way to find prince charming. Prince charming likes his gifts wrapped.”- Ella and Gabby

“Whenever you are presented with a choice, ask yourself which option you would prefer to have taken in ten years.”- Kiki Kamanu

What do you think of these designers?


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