A 12-Step Recipe To Lead An Utterly Miserable Life

Thought Catalog

1. Start by complaining about absolutely everything, except when it is really important to make yourself heard. In that case, keep your mouth shut for extra flavor.

2. While preparing this concoction, remember you should never, ever make a mistake. If you do make a mistake, you can still salvage it by not admitting you were wrong (not even to yourself).

3. Sprinkle with endless obsessions about the past (if they include regrets, all the better). Add some excruciating worries about the future. If they are unfounded and absurd, all the better.

4. Adding forgiveness to the mix will turn it into a disgusting mess, so you should avoid forgiving others. Forgiving yourself or asking for forgiveness when you were wrong will bring equally nasty results.

5. Self-acceptance does not go well with this recipe. On the other hand, perpetually wishing to be a totally different person will add a…

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