Are You Ready? Africa Fashion Week Hits Tinseltown!

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Yay! Africa Fashion Weekis hitting Tinseltown this October at 525 DTLA! This prestigious venue has hosted many events in the past, including R&B artist Chris Brown’s live art show, fashion shows, private parties, corporate receptions, and intimate dinners.  Africa Fashion Week Los Angeles (AFWLA) is scheduled for October 10th -12th 2013 and will kick off with an Afro Pop-Up Shop and opening night mixer.This will be held at the Papillion Institute of Art and will allow designers and other local merchants to sell their items to fashion lovers in Downtown Los Angeles.

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AFWLA‘s 2013 designer line up will include Maryzo Designs, 2 African Girls, Josefa Dasilva, Yasika Mode, David Giampiccalo, Thriftqueened, Bongolicious, Bella Dhiya, Menogu Designs, Tina Summers, and Nile Goddess Designers. In showcasing these amazing designers, AFWLA will connect with local stylists, buyers, and boutique stores as a means to open the door to more opportunities for the talent that will be featured. Tickets will be available on beginning September 9, 2013.

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AFWLA will donate a portion of proceeds from the event to –The Giving Back Charity – a non-profit association whose purpose is to promote education and culture through the implementation of social and educational activities such as involvement in the arts and sports.

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Africa Fashion Is  RISING!

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