A 41-year-old woman, Mrs Catherine Sefunmi Urouna, who allegedly drank a substance suspected to be chemical to protest her husband’s alleged refusal to buy her an iPad  was reported dead. Her family of five and neighbors were in mourning when they discovered that the deceased who was adjudged to be comfortable in her husband’s house took her life over a minor domestic disagreement. The motive and cause of her death is however, being probed by the Ondo State police command.
The late Mrs Urouna, who was a mother of two boys and a girl, was buried on Friday. She was a senior executive accounting officer in Akure North local government area in Ondo State. Although investigations into her death are still on, police sources disclosed to reporters on Sunday that trouble started when her husband who works in one of the states in the northern part of the country came home as usual to visit the family in Akure and his late wife welcomed him joyfully.
The deceased was said to have served her husband a good meal and thereafter asked him whether he brought the iPad she had earlier pleaded with him to buy for her, but the husband told her quietly that he was yet to buy it. It was further gathered that he pleaded with his late wife to continue using the Blackberry phone he had earlier bought for her, pending the time he would be able to purchase ipad for her. The reply was said to have not gone down well with the late Sefunmi who immediately threatened to kill herself if he would no accede to her request. But the husband was said to have taken the threat lightly and as the argument persisted, the woman was said to have gone inside her room, drank the substance suspected to be poisonous chemical and headed for the toilet where she locked herself up. Unfortunately she was said to have succeeded in drinking the substance before her daughter who saw her locking the door of the toilet and suspected she might want to do something funny because of her mood could reach the place.


* At least she gets to meet the maker of the IpadSteve Jobs!

Culled from: http://rosacomms.blogspot.com



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