Why Are We Attracted To Beautiful Things?

Thought Catalog

“We wear clothing and jewelry. We buy the biggest, most beautiful houses we can afford. We decorate our homes with furniture, rugs, prints, and gardens. We drive finely designed brightly colored automobiles, which we choose for their aesthetic appeal as much as their fuel efficiency.“ — Geoffrey Miller in the Mating Mind

I gawk at old stone buildings and the most vivid memories I have are of lush landscapes and forest clearings. I will opt to pay a premium for an app that looks “pretty,” and I am transfixed by websites with exquisite design.

I remember ridiculously well, I was 14 and my brother ordered his first Apple product (an iPod touch) and immediately called up two of his closest friends. He was inviting them over so they could watch him open the package. The three of them sat around mesmerized, by the beauty of the box and the way…

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