12 Great People Who Didn’t Have Great Success Until After 30


Thought Catalog

Even though no one cares about your quarter-life crisis, that doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to feel pressure to succeed; it means that it’s a part of growing up, and the idea of having to morph into an adult is scary. It’s like Animorphs but without the sweet animal-morphing payoff. Although the chances of being trapped in a hawk’s body are significantly reduced.

So to ease your mind about tip-toeing into your late 20s and feeling the weight of 30 and trying to stave off that that Glenn Close sobbing in the shower Big Chill moment, here are some famous figures who didn’t find great success until after 30. And for those of you who are happily and comfortably 30 and beyond, good for you (non sarcasm) and look out your window for your fucking parade (total sarcasm.)

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