The RoostStand:Geeky Solution To Ergonomic Disasters

One of the hottest workplace issues is Ergonomics and if like me you have sourced for tools to help ease the pain you feel whilst hunched over your laptop. The the RoostStand is the perfect answer to my/our prayers. It prevents you from wrecking your neck,  shoulder, hands and helps you work longer.

It is super convenient, portable, super strong, made from high-tech materials and no more hunching over your Laptops! Brands like Acer, Lenovo, HP, Samsung, Toshiba and Sony can fit this amazing innovation.

Geek or dummy you certainly need this. PLUS it comes in a variety of colours- White, Blue, Titanium, Red, Yellow and even pink.

For more info:

Ciao Bellas  xoxo


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