So Long, Sneaker Wedges: Why Slip-On Sneakers Are The Next Big Trend


When It-girls the world over first started traipsing (or, rather, stomping) around in Isabel Marant’s wedge sneakers early last year, a revolution was set into motion.

Despite the fact that wedge sneakers are clunky, space age-y, and generally somewhat unsightly, we saw every retailer under the sun quickly create their own version at every price point imaginable, which in turn prompted the trend to travel a familiar trajectory, going from top editors, to street style stars, to fashion bloggers, to everyday fashion lovers, to bargain shoppers, to mall-crawling teenagers. And thus, the sneaker wedge became a thing that existed well beyond the plugged-in and cash-rich confines of the fashion industry.

Alas, like all trickle-down trends, the ubiquity of the sneaker wedge among the fashion set waned fairly quickly, as the style was no longer in demand, special, or status-y. (Interestingly, here in New York, a great deal of local…

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