Know Thy Enemy And Attack In A Fashionable Way.

Have you ever slapped and missed a mosquito? The nuisance it causes within minutes is far quicker than Nigella Lawson's quickie divorce. Honestly, it has no respect for my life-giving blood. The high kamikaze whine of a mosquito buzzing in one's ear is enough to make you go Jackie Chan on yourself. I can't ignore that. I can't simply lie there and allow myself to be another organism's meal and so I spring up, a grown baby, manically trying to swat a microscopic winged vampire out of the air. Sometimes I manage to get them; the ceiling in my room is bespattered with blood like a Jackson Pollock from successful kills. Most times, however, I clap and swat in vain.


If you have tried every repellant on planet earth. Fear not there is a new fragrance in town. I am game if it helps me try to avoid Malaria. There is no need to saturate your skin with sticky, alcoholic bug repellant or plug in the tablet and oil based mosquito repellants that provide erratic coverage. Getting dressed from head to foot in sweltering night time heat to avoid being bit is now a thing of the past. According to the fragrance-meets-repellent relies on vanillin, a component of vanilla extract that’s EPA approved to keep the little blood suckers away. Subtly sweet essential oils, namely cedarwood and orange peel, not only function as the perfect summer perfume but also extend and amplify the repellent effect. This will definitely make the mosquitoes hate you.

If you’re still worried, toss a few sprigs of rosemary on a hot grill for back-up protection.

Not that you’ll need it.

Available at, $65.

Ciao Bellas xoxo

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