Sinful Delights: CheeseCakes


Today is National Cheesecake day! Please join me as i raise my fork to celebrate this glorious day with some scrumilicous cheesecakes which melt like butter.  The delights are from Frost Cakes. My post (Sinful Delights) had delved into the cake heaven. Bilikisu has still got the golden touch. My tatsebuds cant get enough cos these are certainly the best cheesecakes i have had in a long time!

fatima • frost cakes 08063384600(64)

You sure do get value for your money cos  she gets it right and you can taste the difference. The finest of  natural ingredients, no preservatives and one gets it fresh on the day of collection.

You can still get a piece of action.

Holla @ the chick –, PIN: 28DE7A37, PHONE: +234-803684476.

Ciao Bellas xoxo


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