Move over Youtube, Tumblr and Instagram, there’s a latest social media ish in town. Infact, it is one of Facebook‘s fastest growing pages. It has over 5 million likes. Best Vines was started in June 2013 and its success is quite phenomenal!

Justin Lafferty says that:

“Best Vines, which does not appear to be sponsored or managed by Vine, posts to Facebook the most popular videos from Vine, Twitter’s six-second video sharing network. Instagram announced  on June 20 that users could start recording video from the popular photo-sharing app. On July 12, Best Vines surpassed Instagram’s Facebook page, in terms of likes.”

The videos are mostly homemade,  hilarious and quite addictive(so get all your work done before you check it out).

vine pic

It would be nice to how see Instagram makes a comeback. According to PageData, Best Vines is the fastest-growing page in the U.S. and is growing in popularity internationally. Overall, Best Vines is growing by more than 110,000 likes per day (fourth-fastest of any page on Facebook) and 693,000 likes per week (seventh). 51 percent of its fanbase resides in the U.S., with the U.K. and Canada also being popular countries.

Enjoy more silliness @, You can  also submit a  clever or funny Vine via email to


Darling Readers: What are you thoughts on the Vine?

Ciao Bellas xxx



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