When it comes to gift ideas for that special man in your life,  the proverbial tie or grooming gifts don’t just cut it. Ana Brenoff of the Huffington Post feels:

“There are some gifts that we all know not to give a man of any age — a tie being principal among them. But as men grow older, the list of things they will surely appreciate as gifts dwindles.”

This Sunday, why not celebrate the special dad in your life (be it your husband, father, or brother) with a gift he will actually appreciate? How about a present that he will LOVE like these lovely specimens of beauty? They should go down a treat.. Ditch the boxers, cards, grooming gifts etc.

watch 3

watch 2

watch 1watch 4watch 5watch 7watch 6watch 8 watch 9The watch gods have smiled on us. Time to spruce up the dapper  Dad’s wardrobe.

P.S: Happy Father’s Day to all the lovely men out there. You lot make the world go round.

Ciao Bellas xxx


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