My thirst for all things vintage has not slowed down with age. Cue in the squeals of delight when i discovered this gold mine during my lunch date with www. The Danica Midi dress made the gloomy clouds disappear. This Virgos Lounge number complete with ruched skirt and jewel embellishments had me drooling over my laptop.Image

Plate of moi-moi abandoned, fashion gossip antenna raised to the highest frequency, keyboard tapping on the door of my best friend – “google”….

Virgos Lounge is  an online fashion store. They sell their own unique vintage inspired collections as well as specially sourced vintage pieces. The Virgos Lounge team consists of Fioye Akinsola, Nike Ajanaku and Oyeyemi Wemi-Akinsola.

These Nigerian girls are certainly after my own fashion heart. The price range is also heart-attack proof.

Caroline DressIt is amazing and encouraging to see a brand that started in 2008 become a phenomenon in this  cut-throat industry. You see, I am a big fan of the designers like Tiffany Amber, Ella and Gabby, Jewel by Lisa, House of Nwocha  etc. and Virgos Lounge has just joined that list.

OneNigerianboy, Thirdworldprofashional, BellaNaija,,, NaijaDeevas have joined the bandwagon. They have been featured in Look, OK Magazine, FashionBombDaily, Vogue Italia, TheYBF and that says a lot! The amount of detailing, craftsmanship and embellishments that go into these works of art can make any Fashion scrooge blow their salary.

Thin or curvy, Virgos Lounge will complete your look. It aint weight discriminating. From Raina dresses, to “where did you get that lovely” kind of clutches, to jazz shorts that will sizzle the stumpiest of legs. You cant go wrong. Angela Simmons can testify to the goodness of the Virgo babes.


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