Every five minutes i get an email from my friends begging that i send them an e-copy of either the second or third book of the fifty shades trilogy. Before you start judging, please let me explain that i also had the same misgivings about the book.  Mummy porn , manual for sexual torture and  a misogynistic handbook that peddles dangerous messages.

However, after getting through the three books within two days( i didn’t get that much sleep) i have to admit that i have learnt so bedroom secrets that i could practice(*winks*).  These books draw you in and one gets intertwined  with the lives of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. Its Romeo and Juliet but it in a fucked up way.

It’s a romance meets Mills and Boon with  extra flavours like vanilla. With Fifty Shades you get grown-up Twilight. I like that these books tell you a story – a little  bit of action, a little bit of drama. Of course, sex thing goes on and on and its defo a turn-on.

As i await the film, please dear casting director make sure you cast the right peeps for anastasia and christian.

Its a great story and i guarantee you wont sleep for days. But you are bound to learn one or two bedroom secrets. Enjoy!

Ciao  Bellas xxxx

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