A friend of mine asked me if there was a difference between a cupcake and muffin? I smiled and said: Cupcakes usually have icing on them and are considered to be miniature cakes for special occasions. Muffins on the other hand can be eaten at breakfast and don’t have icing on them . Most popular ones are the blueberry and chocolate muffins.

Cupcakes,  a sweet tooth’s fondest friend is making a huge comeback. The beauty is in its design to serve one person at a time.  Creative mess i admit but every morsel especially the ones from Frost Cakes is enough to make you not to give a rat’s arse about diets.

Frost Cakes was inspired by the love for baking as well as positive feedbacks. Close friends and family started requesting cakes and sales started.  Frost cakes started in September, 2011 and has been in business ever since. It…

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