Listen up Fashionistas! There is gonna be a designer sale tomorrow (30th May, 2012) at The stunning Church of Annunciation, Bryanston street, London W1H 7AH. You see not only the Devil gets to wear Prada, Angels can wear Chanel and Mcqueen.

It’s a jumble sale with a difference. Its 90% off all Designer gear. Please steal, borrow or lie to your bank manager. One can’t afford to miss this event of a lifetime.

All proceeds go to charity, so shop till you drop with a clean conscience that’s its for the greater good. Your hard earned cash from this particular sales is going to ASAP African Solutions to Africa Problems ( and Just for Kids Law (
Big thumbs up to the delectable Abi Chisman (, former Editor-in-chief who is the brains behind this project. This event is part of the Portman Village street party and supported by London Fashion Week!


Ladies and gents get your claws out and go get your Yohji Yamamoto, Alaia, Mulberry, Vivienne Westwood , YSL and Vintage! Make those bitches green with envy. It’s totes amaze.
Ciao Bellas xxx




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