They say a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. I say there is an expression of beauty in hair extensions . The weekends always brings the dilemma on what to do with my hair.  It would be amazing to have James Brown, Kristle Jones, Errol Douglas or Bolaji Falana on speed dial. Alas, one gats to make do with Noble hair extensions. Hair extensions otherwise know as weave-ons are a black girl’s best friend. It can be sewed or glued to one’s hair and sniped to the required length. It is a great way to change your look dramatically without breaking the bank. How else do you think Beyonce, Rihanna, Mary J.Blige, Jordin Sparks et al have been able to rock different hair lengths and shapes.  Perhaps a fairy hairmother?!

Focus on the hair pls!

Although the versatility should  be achieved on affordable non- brazilian, indian, venezuela, malayasian or any other country whose women are ok to lose their locks!

As i trudged on home in a Samantha Brick brief moment; couldnt decide if i looked like IMF‘s Legarde, Germany‘s Merkel or Halle Berry‘s Jinx or a plain old scarecrow.  You decide….

Ciao Bellas xxx






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2 thoughts on “1 WEAVE-ON: 2 HAIRSTYLES

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