Seeing Double?

When a woman wears a particular dress, in different shades, for two occasions, then you know that it is very flattering, incredibly glamorous and must really work for her.

So it was no surprise to see Kate Winslet in not one but two shades of the optical illusion dress on the red carpet.  The likes of Carol Voderman, Kim Kardashian, Gloria Estefan, Liv Tyler and Penelope Cruz have also been spotted seen in this dress.

This fashion gold is made of  a stretchy fabric that will make spanx look like a piece of string. I kid you not. This dress gives the va-va-voom  to those lovely curves . Those that are not well endowed also get an amazing silhouette.

This is the latest fashion trend and it is brilliant to see that Nigerian celebs are also jumping on this fashion bandwagon.  Two of these dresses were spotted at the 4th Play Black and White party. From Stella MacCartney to Alexander McQueen to  Victoria Beckham,  designers are using the great art of fashion deceptology to make women look even more gorgeous.

The credit for this effect  is the black layer  of fabric on the backside of the dress. It thins out your bottom half in a crazy optical illusion.

This particular trend defo gets my vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great tip though-to complete the hypnotic effect team this dress with lovely peep toes or pumps and you are good to go!

I am off to get my own piece of the fashion action.

Ciao bellas xxx


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