The Garment Maker

As a Nigerian woman who sometimes finds it annoying that tailors are unable to do the designs she wants or that the clothes they produce do not fit half of the time, the reality show, “The Garment Maker”, is a breath of fresh air.

This competition is one of a kind. According to its website – “The Garment Maker competition is a novel annual reality television garment making competition aimed at filling the supply void in the professional garment making skills set in Nigeria’s fashion/clothing industry. Targeted at local and international audience, the competition serves as a platform for emerging professional garment makers in Nigeria to showcase the quality of their works to the global clothing industry. TGM is slated to run for thirteen (13) weeks nationally every year and the pilot edition makes its debut in Abuja, drawing participants from and around the Federal Capital Territory.”

By the organiser’s estimation, the winner will be someone that has been instilled with the requisite skills to construct, cut, sew and finish a garment to internationally acceptable standards. He or she would have been transformed into a first rate “Sample Maker” with the entrepreneurial potential to run a fashion business and/or clothing line successfully with the added bonus of walking away with 2 Million Naira!!

Whether or not it will be a success remains to be seen. So, over the next few weeks, I will be glued to my TV set!

Will keep y’all posted.



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